Why Is Cloud Based Medical Record Backup a Better Solution?

Have you or your IT resources ever had to spend time (a lot of time!) trying to restore files that were mistakenly deleted?  Have you done that work and found the data you need is not being backed up?   It’s a task that should only take a few “clicks” and a few minutes if you are using a cloud based medical record backup solution.

Healthcare practices are using a variety of data-backup options. Certainly these have worked with varying levels of success; however, we are faced with the reality that the volume and importance of our data is only increasing – as well as regulatory requirements for security, retention and recovery safeguards.

We recommend HIPAA compliant, medical specific, cloud-based data backup that is managed by medical IT technicians who are on call to help you every step of the way.  It takes the guesswork and human error out of the equation.

We do NOT recommend the following backup options (unless you have a lot of time, money and faith in outdated protocols):

  • Using older technologies (tape, external disks, USB drives, flash drives, etc.) that you need to manually take offsite to “secure”
  • Buying and integrating various management consoles in order to execute, monitor, and manage your backup (and installing multiple updates that will need to be applied as patches and features are rolled out)
  • Hiring an in-house Backup Administrator and continually educating them on regulations, changes in your EMR/EHR software programs and general technology updates

Using a cloud based data backup solution with trained regulatory backup experts is the only option that gives you an experienced team that focuses on HIPAA compliant medical data backup without adding staff or complexity.