Have you added new applications since set up?

Many of you have come to rely on Proven Backup’s unique and powerful service offering as your offsite medical records storage solution. Our proactive, hands-on approach assures that you meet the demands of data backup and HIPAA regulations.

Now is a great time to perform a survey of your practice’s software applications and let us know of anything NEW that has been added.

While we constantly monitor the status of your backups and manage them, if new software applications are added we need to be notified so we can add them to the backup jobs. This will ensure that information is safely and securely stored.

If you think you may have some new applications that are not being backed up, please contact us by emailing support@provenbackup.com and put “New Application Added” in the email subject. We will contact you to help, or you can always call (877-972-2258)