Hospitals Need Reliable Data Backup Solutions to Maintain Security, Confidentiality, and Compliance

The challenges of unreliable backup and recovery for a hospital’s IT infrastructure is a growing concern. Tape and disk methods have proven to be unstable in protecting a hospital’s large amount of vital information, causing major setbacks. In fact, most recently, Emory Healthcare in Atlanta announced that backup disks containing approximately 315,000 patient records had gone missing from a storage locationat Emory University Hospital. Full Article

Proven Backup is an offsite backup solution that helps hospitals to establish and implement procedures to create and maintain retrievable exact copies of EMR/EHR patient data. But we have something that other backup companies many times overlook – a helpful, support team of system engineers who completely understand backup and recovery as it pertains to healthcare organizations. Additionally our backup solution is supported by a dedicated HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Officer who has an in-depth understanding of HIPAA/HITECH regulations and collaborates with various departments to develop and offer IT Risk Assessments. Contact us to learn more about how ProvenBackup can help your hospital maintain data security.


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